Outpatient Hospital Management System Migration to J2EE


To provide migration of two modules of an outpatient hospital management system to the J2EE platform and development of additional modules.


  • Artezio transitioned the entire solution to the J2EE platform and added some missing features. Java Server Pages replaced the ASP code.

  • The Microsoft SQL Server database was migrated to an Oracle 9i database.

  • For clear business logic, the Model View Controller architecture was employed with a presentation layer implemented with JSP and JSTL technologies, a controller layer based upon Struts controller servlets and actions, and a model layer relying on Hibernate – an object/relational persistence and query service for Java.

  • In the development environment, Apache Jakarta Tomcat open source servlet container was used; however, in the testing and production environments, Oracle 9i Application Server was the Customer’s choice.

  • The system featured flexible security policy regulating user access to data and functions for various categories of users.

  • The system has an extensive audit trail capability where all changes to the database records can be viewed by a user with a special status.

  • The system features dozens of reports that may be conveniently viewed and printed from a pop-up web browser window.

  • The user interface was designed easy to customize for non-programmer system administrators.


    After completing the migration phase, the system’s performance and functionality was tested internally by the Artezio testing department and then the system was deployed.