Since 2000, Artezio introduces a pool of dedicated specialists and proven experts in such fields as web and mobile development, product engendering, software development and customization services.

We are your expert core product team offering full cycle capacity in Architecture, Development, Analytics and QA

We deliver full-cycle software development services. You get a fully-functional platform to be deployed following its further maintenance and support.

Our experienced system and business analysts, system architects, software developers, DBAs, UI/UX designers, QA engineers and DevOps possess advanced skills to develop the most complex product from scratch.

Grab your chance to stand out with an exclusive product and award-winning features implemented by your team. We bring the most dare ideas to life.


Benefit from our custom SaaS deployment model and take control over your applications and products. We ensure seamless database and service integration to let you create an advanced fully-featured SaaS platform that stands out.


We let you focus on your target audience and deliver personalized and customized solutions. Our high-qualified team hands desktop application development to reach a narrower audience and make the most of laptop and PC users.


While the world keeps going mobile, it is essential you followed the latest trends. Our team develops top-notch applications for any device including smartphones, tablets or wearables ensuring smooth operation despite the OS or carrier.


Our team has enough experience to bring any project to life no matter how complex it may seem. From healthcare and financial web applications to custom CRMs, apps for insurance companies, non-profit organizations, and more.



Every small thing matters when it comes to developing superior products. Our experts have enough knowledge and skills to pinpoint all week and strong sides of your solution to highlight the aspects and require improvement.


We deliver innovative engineering services to create and deploy future-proof software solutions. Are you looking for a chance to make your copay more agile? Would you like your business to be responsive to the rapidly evolving market? Artezio is the right pick.


Artezio introduces a pool of dedicated specialists and proven experts in such fields as web and mobile development, product engendering, software development and customization. We boast decades of experience in addition to dozens of successfully deployed and maintained projects. Working with Artezio means:
  • Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Development and system optimization
  • Process flow automation
  • Maintenance and Support
Going live with a fully functional product has never been easier before. We boast enough skills and expertise to deliver full-cycle services out of the box. Not only we develop the product, but we also test, customize, deploy, and ensure its smooth operation after the launch. Here at Artezio, we establish an individual approach to every customer. This fact ensures the provision of custom-tailored digital solutions packed with exclusive features to meet customers’ needs. We have proved our competences in multiple fields including healthcare, finances, real estate, construction, and more.

Software Outsourcing Company

At Artezio, have been providing software outsourcing services for more than 20 years, spanning numerous industries, project scopes, and continents. One of our top priorities is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technological know-how, the best approaches to optimal software development, and the best business practices. All of that helps us to provide superior technological expertise, sufficient to help your team reach just about any goal you may set out to accomplish. What’s more, our nuanced and deeply structured approach will help you reduce technological risks, missed deadlines, and product delivery inconsistencies. You can be sure to rely on Artezio’s 500+ development manpower to have a formidable team of expert devs on-demand, ready to meet even the most challenging and advanced software development projects. Artezio excels when it comes to outsourced product development in many industries, including healthcare, mobile app development, fintech, consulting, finance, retail, e-learning, and much more.

Outsourcing Software Development Company

Artezio is nothing without the wide and international experience it is proud to have accomplished over the last two decades. Hundreds of companies all over the globe that were looking for outsourcing software development projects have turned to Artezio in their time of need and are now happy with the result. Hundreds of projects in various industries - from online dating apps to complex healthcare bioinformatics solutions - were successfully delivered with utmost care to detail and respect to established deadlines. Any software development company worth its place on the market is always ready for challenges both big and small, and that is yet another reason how Artezio managed to gather so much experience in the field - we’ve done tiny projects, medium projects, and enterprise projects that spanned years and hundreds of developers to accomplish. You can be sure that Artezio will be up to the task, regardless of the scope of the project you aim to develop.

Outsource App Development

Entering a given market with a poorly made application is always a huge risk to take. Many businesses that rely on their own development manpower may find themselves out of budget, expertise, and most importantly, time, when it comes to seizing the right opportunity that may quickly disappear. That’s why it’s important to have a proper application development outsourcing strategy, which will be instrumental in achieving a proper balance between cost, production time, and quality. Artezio is among the market leaders when it comes to application management outsourcing, and not without a good reason: we’ve got decades of experience, a highly skilled and senior team, and a wide variety of successfully completed projects. It’s a highly efficient approach when it comes to managing outsource app development cost if you search for professionals that are highly capable in the particular area of your target project and the market you aim to deliver it to. Simply speaking, doing it right in one go will be quicker, less expensive, and will provide you with a better time window to achieve your business goals.

Offshore Software Outsourcing

It’s not a secret that development manpower in the US and Europe is often otherwise expensive, and the talent pool may be limited. Of course, seeking a trustworthy offshore software outsourcing company is a challenge all in itself - so many variables, communication points, and team expertise must be considered before taking the plunge. Even looking for a nearshore software development company may not always yield the best results when it comes to price to quality ratio. At Artezio, we understand the risks a company takes when hiring a software outsourcing company, and take it upon us to create the best teams for the task. We know that it’s unsustainable to betray a client’s trust, and building loyalty through good work delivered precisely on time is how we managed to thrive so far. Artezio’s development team will take care of your technological bottlenecks, leaving you only to focus on your business tasks and auxiliary projects necessary to reach the target market.


Technology Expertise

Our experts are real technical geeks. They know all the trendiest programming languages to develop up-to-date products for you.

  • Broad expertise to cover different niches
  • Experienced programmers, developers, testers, and engineers.
  • Full-cycle services from development to deployment and support.

Offshore Product Development

Let us handle product development for you while you keep the focus on the prior goals and core customers’ needs.

  • Software Development & Customization
  • Application and service integration to create flexible product solutions.
  • Experts’ suggestions and ideas on how to improve the existing product.

Outsourced App Development

Artezio team will bring any idea to life and develop both web and mobile apps to run smoothly on various devices despite the carrier or OS.

  • Web and mobile applications development from scratch.
  • Agile development model to let you track each stage.
  • Trendy UI/UX design to keep your customers engaged.







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