Custom Software Development and IT Services

Artezio offers you total flexibility in determining how your project is managed and executed. We have four different delivery models. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Onsite/Offshore Model

  • Description – We function as an extension of your own development team. One or more of our consultants work onsite throughout the entire project. They identify and oversee specific tasks that can be delegated to our off-site developers.

  • Purpose – This arrangement is ideal for developing certain components or functional modules of a larger project.

  • Implementation – Our onsite consultants act as your liaison to coordinate coding tasks with our offsite developers.

  • Benefit – This model delivers quick value even on small projects because we can scale our developer workforce up or down as needed.

  • Price – We will provide either a time and materials contract or a fixed price based on the project’s parameters.

Project Outsourcing Model

  • Description – All work is done offsite by our developers located throughout Eastern Europe. It can be an all-inclusive project from system design to testing, deployment and maintenance or a partial outsourcing project in which Artezio is responsible for only some of the software lifecycle stages.

  • Purpose – This model is best for small- to medium-sized projects with a well-defined scope such as: web site design; custom e-business and e-commerce applications tailored for a specific purpose; small business and home software applications; and hardware drivers.

  • Implementation – We rely on your outsourcing coordinator to identify tasks, define their scope and communicate instructions to Artezio.

  • Benefit – By breaking a large project into components and having our off-site programmers do some or all of the coding, you can greatly accelerate the rate of completion without having to add costly personnel or resources in-house.

  • Price – The price can be calculated as time and materials or based on a fixed price for the complete scope of work linked to tangible deliverables and scheduled milestone deadlines.

Software Development Center Model

  • Description – We establish a dedicated software development center in Eastern Europe with a full-time team to work exclusively on your projects. We provide all facilities, utilities and personnel.

  • Purpose – This arrangement works best for client engagements lasting six months or longer. We offer secure, efficient and low-cost, Java-based enterprise and Internet solutions.

  • Implementation – We customize the center to your specific need, standard operating procedures and corporate culture.

  • Benefit – Software development centers located in Eastern Europe are a cost-effective way to tap into the vast knowledge accumulated over decades in countries with a long tradition of multidisciplinary research in fundamental and applied science.

  • Price – Because each software development center is customized to the client’s needs, it must be priced individually. We are able to keep prices surprisingly affordable by operating these centers in low-cost, offshore regions.

On-site Project Staffing Model

  • Description – A skilled, experienced team from Artezio is deployed to your location for as long as necessary to successfully complete the project (six months on average).

  • Purpose – This model works well for companies experiencing an immediate need or periodic demand for qualified and skilled software developers, analysts and testers.

  • Implementation – Our software engineers work directly with your project or product team. They are experienced professionals who have been involved in large-scale projects in insurance, public health, banking, currency trading, retail and pharmaceutical vertical markets. We encourage you to participate in selecting or approving each recruit, who will have been carefully pre-screened according to your requirements.

  • Benefit – You get fast, one-stop procurement of skilled, versatile, technical resources, which can be scaled up or down as project scope dictates. You avoid the costs of hiring permanent staff, including salary, benefits and training.

  • Price – Price is determined by the number and caliber of staff members needed and length of onsite deployment.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Are you unsure which delivery model will work best for your needs? We’re happy to offer guidance based on our 20+ years of experience working on hundreds of client projects. Contact us to discuss your software development needs.







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