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We deliver software development services for the retail industry to help your ecommerce business stay a competitive player on the market and boost your sales and acquire new customers. Implementing a functioning and reliable system into an ecommerce business is one of the decisive factors on the way to growth and development.

Retail Software Development

Artezio offers retail software development services such as creating online stores, marketplaces, custom e-commerce extensions, and payment solutions.

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Mobile Apps for Ecommerce

Creating an exclusive customer experience is a priority in the ecommerce industry. With the help of mobile ecommerce apps, customers have the ability to make purchases on the go.

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Need A Custom Ecommerce Solution?

Our team admits the importance of customization and is here to provide you with custom ecommerce solutions to get your business to the next level.

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Since ecommerce business usually doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store and is represented only on the Internet, the only source of interacting with customers is through a website or an application. For this reason, it’s crucial for the business to make it beautiful and easy-to-use.


Our team of designers and developers will bring into life all your brave ideas and will make your online store look unique and exquisite. Besides, we provide UI/UX audit service to create a user-friendly and easy-to-comprehend interface.


Within the years of Artezio’s existence and operation, we had a chance to cooperate with leading world retail companies engaged in different business domains such as food&beverage, auto products, travel industry, and many others. Having worked on these projects, we were able to gain unique expertise that helps us now to create cutting-edge and smooth solutions.


Artezio delivers full-cycle software development services and is ready to start with just an idea. Our experienced Business Analysts, Engineers, and Architects will start with concept creation and will provide several technology variants of store development and deployment.


Knowing your customer is a priority for ecommerce business. With the help of CRM systems, you can create marketing and email campaigns, monitor analytics on buyers, goods, and services ordered to acquire new customers by turning to target audience and retaining existing customers by interacting with them. We will help you integrate a CRM system for your business needs.

Need a Custom Ecommerce Software Development Services?


We use sophisticated technologies and tools to offer you trending solutions presented on the technology scene. We develop a full range of software solutions starting from ERP solutions to advanced analytics and customer engagement management systems.


Successful organizations need to be flexible to adapt quickly to new business challenges. This requires a comprehensive understanding of a business itself and analysis of all essential factors which characterize it.

Why should you consider Ecommerce solutions for your retail business?

According to a recent study, the world’s ecommerce market size comprised 3.53 trillion US dollars. More and more retail businesses turn to ecommerce stores as many customers value the convenience and mobility of online stores. Among the main business advantages of an ecommerce store are the following:

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs since you don’t need a physical store which results in the absence of the need to pay rent and less staff needed;
  • Fewer funds required for marketing and advertising thanks to search engines visibility;
  • 24/7 availability for customers is important for busy people;
  • Ability to identify your target audience more effectively since you can analyze your customers’ behavior, habits, and interests;
  • Faster and more resultative communication with your target audience through email and SMS notifications, banners on a website, chatbots;
With more than 20 years of professional background in software development, Artezio managed to become an expert in ecommerce solutions development. We cooperated with various retail companies and supply chains and provided them with end-to-end applications such as data analysis and business intelligence systems, data management modules, online stores, and CRM and loyalty platforms. Thanks to this expertise, we got deep knowledge of the industry challenges and requirements and apply it to deliver you a solution with maximum efficiency.

Mobile Apps for Ecommerce & Retail

With the help of mobile applications, your customers will be able to order goods and services and track their status, make payments online and get analytics on their buying history.

Thanks to a mobile retail application, you can reach out to your target audience no matter where they are located which will lead to sales booming and increased brand awareness and visibility.

Warehouse applications simplify warehouse managers’ lives tangibly. Thanks to the apps, they are able to track shipments, manage and control assets, and fulfill the tasks and make operations on the go.

Developing a mobile application pairing with a website results in expanding the market and acquiring more customers since mobile applications offer higher convenience and enhance the customer experience.

Store management systems automate daily operations and optimize workflows within the organization. A mobile version of the system increases the productivity of staff, enhances communication inside the company, and results in rationally organized economics of the business.

Enterprise resource planning solutions are aimed to optimize company’s assets by resources and finance management, creating plans and streamlining tasks and working power.







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