Java Software Development Company

Artezio is a global Java application development company that has more than 20 years of experience in Java App development and enterprise Java applications development.

Our team of experienced developers has been developing apps using Java for about 20 years. The majority of our specialists are Senior programmers with deep knowledge of Java and other technologies.

We use Java to develop program support in creating solutions at various difficulty levels up to multi-level applications that can be easily adapted to a specific client's order.

We have much experience in Enterprise software development which our clients can depend on. We study new technology, frameworks and components that let us make solutions that match modern needs.

Artezio offers its partners a development service for different solutions using Java. This service can include finishing existing code or adapted existing software, finish it, and introducing and fully supporting it.

Java Migration Services

When changing a programming language is the best decision, we offer our clients the java migration service. Migration services should be calculated and consider all the nuances of the app.

J2EE App Development

The platform J2EE is an industrial technology that has a series of indisputable benefits. As a rule, we use it when we need reliability, flexibility and scalability.

Java Integration Services

Our experienced team offers java integration services when you need to combine two or more Java products. App integration simplifies completing tasks, increases work speed, and improves usability.

Java Spring Development

Using the Spring framework offers great freedom to developers and projects. It offers easy to use means to solve problems in corporate scale apps.

Outsourcing Java Development


Developing apps in Java Enterprise lets us cut costs, decrease development complexity and unpack multi-level apps, and increase the ease of use. Our extensive practical experience and command of various modern technologies let our team find the best solution for the most unique business needs.


We offer our clients the Java Application Development Service. Since we are aimed at long-term cooperation, developing any project will always lead to close contact with the client. And after the project is finished, we help our customers with product support and continued assistance.

Custom Java Development Company

Artezio is a world-known company that has a team of Java developers with multi-year experience. Our main goal is high-quality developed program support and the satisfaction of our clients. Other than developing products in Java and other languages, all our clients receive future assistance that lets them solve any possible problems. Our products are used in more than 30 countries in various industries like:
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
  • Finance
  • Technical
  • Banking & Trading
  • Big Data, IoT and more...
Today, our team of specialists is able to correctly use the tools needed and make any app as needed to solve the most ambitious problems. Artezio is a global Java and Java Enterprise application development company that has already accumulated more than 20 years of experience in software development. Artezio has huge expertise in java development. The knowledge of various technologies like programming languages, operating systems, databases, frameworks, middleware, and large domain expertise helps Artezio to create the most well-tailored, flexible, and cost-effective java applications.

Artezio - Kotlin Development Company

Kotlin is a versatile, open-source programming language, generally interoperable with Java. This programming language is very productive and is often used for both web and mobile app development. Artezio’s expert developer team is highly versed in software development based on Kotlin, with many years of experience developing apps for different markets, purposes, and intents. If you’re looking to hire Kotlin developers or a Kotlin development company for outsourcing your development needs, look no further.

Apart from mobile app and web development, Kotlin backend development is another big area that makes it so popular. Server-side applications made with Kotlin sport full compatibility with Java-based technology stacks, are easily scalable and are highly interoperable. Kotlian apps can be used with any host supporting AWS, GCP, and other hosts. Artezio’s experience in Kotlin software development spans many projects - web apps, mobile apps, back-end development, REST APIs, and more.

With mobile development, both iOS and Android development with Kotlin are straightforward. There are many benefits to cross-platform development, which is another of Artezio’s strong suits when it comes to tackling mobile app projects. If you’re looking for developing android apps with Kotlin or, perhaps, you’re interested in Kotlin iOS development, Artezio has much to offer. We’re proud to say we’ve successfully delivered thousands of projects in Telehealth, Finance, Online Dating, Retail, e-Learning, and many other industries.

Among other specializations, Artezio can position itself as a Kotlin software development company placed among the top performers on the market. Having harnessed the versatility and productivity of Kotlin, we can deliver solutions and Kotlin software development services in line with just about any requirement our clients can have for us. Clients from Finance, Banking, Dating, Medicine, and other industries have all come to us for professional help with software that can be built efficiently with Kotlin, and continue to use our products today.







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Java Software Development Services

We are a leading Java software development company with a team of in-house specialists ready for real-time collaboration and holistic approaches to provide high-end Java application development services. We constantly work on designing solutions that ensure access to a set of secure, transparent, and scalable instruments with some of the most advanced technologies. At Artezio, our experts complete multidisciplinary tasks to cover every stage of the building cycle starting from design and architecture to coding, execution, developing database schema, etc.

We deal with not only Java software development but also optimization and modernization to keep your company’s digital assets up-to-date. You can benefit from replacing new or updated software versions, full-scale integration into the digital ecosystem, expanded libraries and tools to substitute out-of-date frameworks.

Custom Java Development

Artezio delivers high-end custom Java development services to ensure best-in-class digital solutions across various industries and fields. We build multi-purpose tools having advanced Java frameworks implemented and combined with the latest and most holistic Java technological innovations. Our experts specialize in implementing reusable and scalable code with adjustable client-centered custom Java software building options to suit different business needs from eCommerce apps and web platforms to management systems, cloud-based projects, etc.

We deal with either B2B or B2C services letting different companies and businesses benefit from state-of-the-art Java programming solutions. Our team guarantees alignment at each stage of the SDLC. It means reduced risks, faster product development, and execution as well as efficient collaboration with all parties involved.

Java Web Development Company

We provide customizable Java web development services to small businesses and huge enterprises. Every team member has enough qualifications to meet the needs of every client, which makes Artezio a leading Java web application development company that works with a focus on the multitude of business fields and industries. Our mission is to develop secure and fast-operating web apps for retailers, healthcare organizations, educational and financial startups, etc.

Our experts implement a blend of advanced Java technologies with CSS, HTML, or JavaScript. We create multi-purpose and high-performance websites (either dynamic or static), engaging web applications, intuitive CMS platforms, and many other products to meet customers’ needs. In the end, you get a fully-responsive cross-platform product featuring optimized database communication and some more perks delivered out of the box.

Java Outsourcing Company

Find a reliable partner in the face of Artezio Java outsourcing company. Years of collaboration, dozens of successfully released products, reduced development risks, and high-end outsource Java projects designed from the blank with all your requirements in mind.

Artezio is not just another team of Java outsource developers. We are a pool of experienced software specialists ready to become long-running outsourcing partners for your company. We are aimed at building scalable and robust software. products with all team members aligned and focused on the result along with reducing development risks.

The mission of Artezio outsource Java developers is to design products that will be a delight not only for companies but also to their end-users. We utilize the latest technologies and agile modalities to ensure a transparent and simple development process with all team members engaged while developing applications for mobile and web, custom solutions, and more.

Artezio has been delivering high-end outsourcing Java development services to companies seeking a chance to build exclusive software solutions to drive their business to a new level. Our team utilizes some of the most advanced and time-tested development modalities that help to ensure a secure and safe building process along with enhanced execution and product distribution.

As an offshore Java development company, we have helped dozens of companies to release state-of-the-art products and deliver them to their customers. Besides, we assist businesses in keeping a high level of technical expertise. Our team of Java-based custom developers is here to bring your every technical idea to life and stand out.


Java Mobile App Development

We offer developing modern mobile apps in Java. This expands the use of your app and lets you put routine tasks in order quicker.

Java Web App Development

Our experience in Java Web App Development and the professionalism of our developers combined with using modern technology lets us solve the most difficult problems.

Custom Java App Development

We develop Java applications to meet our customer's requirements using modern technologies and techniques. We turn our clients' creative ideas into reality.