Healthcare Software Development Company

We offer custom software development services to customers from all over the world. Artezio's expertise in healthcare software development allows us to help health systems, hospitals, clinics and doctors.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We deliver custom software development services for hospitals, doctors, patients ensuring a high level of digital healthcare service and health management. We build custom healthcare solutions and mobile applications for the healthcare industry to help health systems and clinics deal with this sensitive data.

Custom Software

Artezio offers healthcare software development services helping you enhance data management processes and improve healthcare service provided to your patients.

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Mobile Health Apps

With the help of medical mobile applications, you and your patients are able to keep an eye on their health from anywhere in the world and stay up-to-date.

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Need A Custom Solution?

We provide a full-cycle software development service and develop applications from scratch to design a solution that will address your specific tasks.

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Telehealth Software Development

We create telehealth apps for video-conferencing medical consultations, sharing clinical and administrative data.

Electronic Medical Records

We provide professional EMR software development services to help doctors with secure health data management.

Medical Software Development

We create custom medical software that improves health outcomes, educates patients, and automates workflows.

Custom EHR Solutions

We develop interoperable EHR software to manage operational tasks, electronic documents, patients health records.

HIPAA / GDPR compliant systems

Automation of pharmaceutical solutions

Outpatient and inpatient records management systems

Artificial intelligence, services personalization

Clinical Trials Management Solutions

HL7, FHIR, IHE data storage and exchange

Medical image processing, DICOM images, 2D/3D, video

Documents management, EMR, EHR

Custom Software Development Company With Huge Experience in Healthcare

Life Science and Healthcare are key industries where Artezio has reached its broadest success. For more than 20 years in operation, Artezio has successfully completed more than 100 projects for health IT providers, pharmaceutical distributors and chains, hospitals, research organizations, and other healthcare institutions and companies.

Automation is the key to quality and efficient healthcare systems. Let Artezio supply you with the tools to bring your healthcare systems to the next level. We offer custom healthcare software development services enabling you to provide medical care services of a high quality that every healthcare company strives for.

Why Artezio

At Artezio, we combine our broad experience, deep industry knowledge, and familiarity with technology trends to create innovative and effective solutions for the healthcare industry. Our powerful software solutions can help:
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Improve the efficiency of current systems and processes
  • Optimize existing billing and administrative workflows
  • Enhance medical staff capacity to access data in a real-time mode
  • Guarantee data integrity and safety of all processes
From medical product development to streamlining automation processes, our wide range of expertise in the medical field enable us to build powerful software solutions for you. We’ve helped create innovative software for a variety of top organizations in the sector, including pharmaceutical distributors, drugstores and drugstore chains, hospitals, and research organizations. We are constantly developing our expertise in electronic medical records, practice management systems, and medical appointment scheduling to keep you ahead of the competition.

20+ Years Experience in Healthcare

For over 20 years, healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics have been powered by our custom applications. With the help of our applications, Artezio creates a technology foundation for our clients in their mission to save lives and nurture health.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

We offer healthcare IT consulting expertise for major clinical and healthcare solutions. We create software solutions for clinics and patients, hospitals, and EHR.

Experienced Developers

We work in close cooperation with doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare research centers in order to provide you with a reliable solution that operates in compliance with world-proven medical practices and technologies.

50+ Projects in Healthcare

Artezio managed to gain valuable expertise in medical software development having cooperated with more than 50 healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinical research organizations including leading world experts.

Mobile Healthcare App Development

Introducing mobile applications automates the main tasks of doctors such as medicine prescribing, patient management as well as improves productivity and communication between medical staff.

The ability to make right and fast decisions is one of the critical factors of treatment. Thanks to mobile applications, doctors have constant access to clinical trials and diagnostics results in order to provide timely care.

A healthy lifestyle is one of today’s mainstream trends. Mobile applications contribute to providing an engaging user experience, allowing their users to track what they eat, monitor their sports activities and results, and share their achievements with their friends and family.

With the help of mobile applications, patients are able to take care of their health by making online appointments, tracking laboratory test results, receiving alerts notifying them about important trials and taking medicine.

Data and patient management systems provide assets and equipment tracking, patient and data management, integrate internal clinical systems with the existing systems and databases all while improving the level of healthcare service provided to patients.

Technology implementation in such an important field as healthcare strives for enhancing life quality in general. According to recent research, more than 60% of people around the globe use mHealth applications, which makes it a promising market sector too.

Our Work in Healthcare Industry

AI Feed with Content for Doctors

Virtual Clinic Telehealth System

Modular Clinical Trial Management

EHR For a Large City

Healthcare Software Consulting

We are willing to share our reliable knowledge of industry challenges and requirements for you to get a full picture of current trends on the market and get the most out of digitalizing your business.

Healthcare Solutions

Artezio is a leading custom software development company. We provide technology solutions and services for hospitals, care providers, medical ISVs, and insurance companies.

Custom Software Solutions

Our highly-qualified Business Analysts and Product architects dive into your business structure to offer you a solution that meets your specific needs and brings maximum results in automating crucial industry tasks.

Information Security

Artezio guarantees the stability of clinical trial management and electronic health record systems to digital threats and attacks ensuring an increased level of security in accordance with the world-proven certificates and safety protocols.







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Software Development for Healthcare Industry

We offer custom software development services for health management, medical operations, digital healthcare, telemedicine, and predictive healthcare analytics.

500+ Experienced Engineers

Our experienced team builds custom healthcare solutions to help doctors, hospitals and medical organizations create a prominent online presence and make their services more accessible. We have years of experience building healthcare apps, EHR & EMR systems with advanced functionality.

We provide custom software development services for various use cases involving patient-doctor communication, health data tracking, medication management, and more. We help clinics and hospitals with integrations - ERP systems, EHR/EMR systems, CRMs, drug information databases, payment gateways, and more.

Certified Healthcare Software Developers

Our experienced engineers and business analysts create HIPAA-compliant custom development solutions to address the pain points of the medical industry in the US. We have been delivering technology solutions and services for the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, we develop custom healthcare software solutions for every healthcare challenge faced.

All our engineers and programmers have years of experience working on complicated healthcare projects. We will help you design and develop custom medical technology solutions as per your problems. We help our customers with next-gen custom healthcare applications development that not only caters to their needs but also enables them to boost their ROI.

Hospital Software Development

Artezio builds custom software solutions for hospitals that are compliant with HIPAA, HHS, HL7, and other essential security regulations. We have been offering hospital software development for more than 20 years to customers from the US and Europe.

Our experienced engineers have in and out knowledge of the distinctive combination of legal, health compliances, and government policies. You don't have to worry about legal issues, our team has extensive experience in software development for healthcare including HIPAA compliant systems.

Healthcare Software Development Engineering

Artezio is a team of highly specialized developers and project managers. Our healthcare software development engineers have decades of experience building successful projects for companies all over the globe. What’s more, Artezio’s medical software development follows the healthcare privacy standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, FHIR, HL7, and others. Be it a simple fitness app or a complex bioinformatics solution suite, you can be sure that it will be developed with every necessary consideration in mind.

Building a Healthcare Software Development Model

The development of healthcare software products is nothing short of challenging. Proper healthcare technology software development is always complex, requires a number of strict rules to follow in order to be viable on the market, and must always hold the user’s privacy as an utmost priority. This level of quality can only be achieved with proper planning, scope assessment, and tight communication. Only then can a proper model be built, developed, tested, and integrated with all the other systems necessary.

Healthcare Industry Software Development

The trickiest part of a healthcare software development company in the USA is finding the right mix of development manpower and budgeting accordingly. There are many options on the market, but not every development company can fit the bill. Artezio is proud to have worked on projects where EMRs, CTMS, DSTs, Telehealth, Fitness, M-health, and Bioinformatics solutions were successfully built and supported post-launch in the US.

Using Agile Software Development in Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare software development methodology, Artezio is following the latest productivity trends. Agile methodology helps to minimize deadline risks, structure development better, and create a better end product as a result. We are committed to providing the best quality to delivery ratio, and being Agile is instrumental in sustaining this across many projects Artezio is working on.

Automated Clinical Workflows

The last and the most important step on the journey forward for every healthcare company is to be able to scale the process up. Clinical software development is a crucial step in getting this process underway, which will greatly improve the efficiency of any company working in the healthcare domain. Get rid of the tasks that should’ve been automated years ago, and focus only on what matters most - your clients and patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth is a huge trend, which was on a steady rise even before the COVID-19 crisis kicked remote patient monitoring into overdrive. Being able to provide remote care is now a major selling point healthcare companies should not overlook. Artezio is more than capable of tackling remote patient monitoring software projects of any scope, all the while adhering to strict healthcare standards such as HIPAA, HL7, and others.

App For Smartphones & Tablets

Healthcare services that seek to connect with patients in a more convenient way are definitely seeing a lot of success on the market. Apps and software capable of interfacing with wearables can find a lot of applications that can enhance the user’s experience. Artezio has decades’ worth of projects when it comes to the development of healthcare apps for smartphones & tablets. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grasp your target market better with superior service and capabilities.

App For Wearable Device

We live in a world where nearly every other person owns a smartphone capable of interfacing with fitness trackers and smartwatches. The appeal of a healthy lifestyle brings forth a great number of opportunities for health-related companies and startups to develop their own healthcare app for a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. Artezio can help you quickly and efficiently develop an app that your users will absolutely enjoy using every day.

IoT Healthcare Software

Everything is connected - that’s what the Internet of Things is all about. Even more so when it comes to healthcare-related applications in the field. Artezio’s team is always up to the IoT-based healthcare software development challenge, whether it’s an app for a mobile device or an integration between healthcare software and medical equipment necessary to establish a link between the clinic and the patient at all times.

AR Health App Development

Augmented reality is the future of the healthcare industry and every major player on the market has already begun their own research into the topic. Surgeons, doctors, and many other healthcare professionals can achieve new feats of quality and service with the help of AR, and it’s just the beginning. Artezio can help you explore your own unique needs and provide AR health app development that you will find a considerable competitive edge on the market.

Efficient Healthcare IT Outsourcing

When it comes to healthcare IT outsourcing, Artezio is among the market leaders. With 20+ years of experience in the development of telemedicine solutions, decision support tools, EMRs, CTMS, bioinformatics, and much more. Picking the right vendor to solve a need for custom healthcare software development, especially when it comes to niche development of m-health solutions isn’t an easy thing to do. IT outsourcing for the healthcare industry is even more difficult to get into, as globally-acclaimed certifications and privacy requirements must be met when working on MedTech solutions. We at Artezio can boast to have achieved all necessary requirements to develop healthcare solutions of any and all difficulties, fully compliant with all healthcare regulations such as HIPAA, HL7, and others. Over the years, Artezio had many successfully completed projects in m-health, telemedicine, and consumer-oriented app development. Enrich your own healthcare startup, clinic, or hospital’s range of services or products with a beautifully made app that your patients and users will love and use whenever they need it most.

Healthcare Software Solutions

HIPAA & HL7 is a difficult niche to enter for most development companies. Among the few healthcare software developers, Artezio is one of the leaders where it comes to experience, quality, and speed of delivery of fully healthcare regulation-compliant services or products. Now that so many people out there have wearable devices capable of interfacing with their smartphones or IoT devices, it’s only natural for healthcare startups, hospitals, and clinics to seek the development of their own apps and m-health solutions aimed at providing superior services to their patients. With Artezio, you can rely on decades of experience developing mHealth, telemedicine, decision support tools, EMRs, CTMS, and even bioinformatics tools. Our expertise in the medical software development outsourcing field is honed every day and our specialists’ domain knowledge increases with every successfully delivered project. Do not miss out on a perfect opportunity to establish a better connection with your patients and ensure that they remain loyal to your company or institution in their time of need.

Big Data in Healthcare

For any healthcare data analytics company, the main challenge in getting the right software for the job is the trickiest part. Artezio’s experience in delivering big data solutions for healthcare spans decades of experience in the field across all ends of medical software development. We help healthcare companies do more with solutions that analyze patient data, aid doctors and hospitals in providing superior service and care to patients, and help organize any necessary process.

Healthcare Big Data Company

Big data analytics in healthcare span many different fields: disease prediction, illness detection, administrative process automation, and many others. The success of big data healthcare solutions relies on precise data aggregation and processing in order to provide comprehensible data, which in large part is only possible with the help of AI and machine learning. Artezio’s experience in building solutions capable of doing that has helped many clinical research companies and clinics do more for their patients and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is healthcare software development?
Healthcare software development entails building an app that can be available on both web and mobile devices. The main purpose of an app like this is to connect doctors and patients, provide remote service, or otherwise help doctors provide superior service or perform better clinical research. The app must have the tightest data encryption protocols fit for international health data protection protocols if communication between doctor and patient is assumed.
Is developing healthcare software expensive?
The price heavily relies on the choice of your development team (in-house or outsourced), the scope of featured required to provide good service to your clients and the time constraints you find yourself in. It can range from tens to millions of dollars. The best way to learn the estimate in your case would be to contact professional development studios and request a quote - that is always free of charge and will get an idea of what to expect.
What is healthcare enterprise software?
Healthcare enterprise software aims to provide a suite of services to the end client and the doctor, as well as a number of supporting systems that further refine the process. Enterprise healthcare solutions usually encompass everything a clinic or healthcare provider needs to provide service and help doctors do it efficiently for them.
How big is the healthcare software industry?
Excluding pharma (which is already tremendously big), the global healthcare IT market was estimated at 74.2b in 2020. By the end of 2021, it’s expected to reach 81.4b dollars. Needless to say, healthcare is an industry that will always keep on growing, and with new solutions and service-oriented apps, the clinics or healthcare startups that incorporate software to provide better service will have a competitive edge.
What is HMS Hospital Management System?
HMS is a software system made to help manage the data and information related to healthcare providers and their patients. It’s used to manage all the data within the healthcare institution, from clinical and financial to even sales and marketing.
Why do hospitals need software?
Digitalization is key to improving the service a hospital can provide. From basic HMS systems that simply keep all the records in one place, the hospitals can provide superior care to their patients. Telehealth, IoT wearables, remote vitals tracking, even remote surgery is possible thanks to well-made software built to spec.
How much does it cost to develop a hospital management software?
The price of hospital management software depends on the scope of its features and speed of delivery. It’s likely to cost from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
What software is used in healthcare?
When it comes to programming languages, there are many different frameworks suitable for building a healthcare app. It’s also possible to use pre-made solutions and create an app with the help of “building blocks” - these can be video conferencing, authentication, and many others.
What software systems do hospitals use?
EMS, EHR, HMS, telemedicine (or telehealth), IoT, and clinical research software - at the very least. The Healthcare industry is usually slow to adopt IT solutions, as the infrastructure is often complicated and rigid when it comes to accepting innovative solutions, even though the needs of the patients and doctors alike might dictate otherwise.
What is the best software for a hospital management system?
The one built precisely for your hospital. There are many pre-made solutions on the market that you can employ, although there is always a chance that their functionality will not fit with the particular requirements you may have for such a system.
How can patients benefit from using HMS?
The patients benefit from a hospital using the HMS system rather directly: there is a lesser chance of data misplacement, the patient can stay in better contact with the hospital and have their e-record transferred to another hospital in a blink of an eye, instead of having to request and collect a paper copy.







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