Telemedicine Software Development

We offer custom telemedicine software development services that helps connect healthcare and patients for virtual consultations. Our experienced telemedicine developers deliver custom telehealth software for customers from all over the world.

Telemedicine Software Development Services

In our multitasking world of on-the-go dealing with all the tasks and problems, taking care of ourselves can often take second place. The ability to get an online consultation with a doctor, have instant access to all clinical trials and prescriptions could be a great approach to improving the level of healthcare service provided to patients.

Telehealth Software Development

Artezio offers its huge expertise in the development of solutions aiming to deal with the issues of face-to-face medical appointments to enhance the level of healthcare service.

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Telemedicine App Development

We are here to help you provide your patients with mHealth applications encouraging them for preventive care, helping make appointments online and get instant advice from a doctor.

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Custom Telehealth Software

Our team delivers telehealth solutions adjusted to your specific needs, whether you are involved in therapeutic, diagnostic, or rehabilitation care to point out functions that matter.

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Healthcare Software Development

We create healthcare software and apps for medical consultations, medical records, sharing clinical and administrative data.

Electronic Medical Records

We provide professional EMR software development services to help doctors with secure health data management.

Medical Software Development

We create custom medical software that improves health outcomes, educates patients, and automates workflows.

Electronic Health Records

We develop interoperable EHR software to manage operational tasks, electronic documents, patients health records.

Solutions for Telemedicine and Telehealth

After more than 20 years of partnering with leading experts in the healthcare field, including pharmaceutical and research organizations, Artezio has managed to master industry-proven methodologies in telehealth software development. We are ready to share this knowledge to design robust solutions that put patients’ needs and concerns as a priority.


Sensitive data

Integration with EHR

Visualized data

On-demand healthcare

Real-time and
instant aid

Smart workflow

Saved time and

Custom Telehealth Software Development

Remote Care For Patients

Provide your patients with healthcare right where they are. With the help of telehealth applications, you and your patients are able to get real-time medical care from anywhere in the world and keep track of vital data.

Online Consultations

In the era of time constraints, support your patients with digital solutions to take care of themselves. By using mHealth applications, patients can list their symptoms, show them using a camera on their device and get real-time aid from a qualified specialist.

Patient Management

Telehealth solutions are a great tool for you to keep track of your patients, manage clinical trials and diagnostics results. With the help of EHR solution integration, you are able to store all the data in a single place and get instant access to the medical history of a patient for faster decision-making.

Video Conferencing

Face-to-face communication is an important component of interaction between doctors and patients. With the help of video chatting, doctors are able to examine patients to provide accurate treatment based on proper diagnostics.

Doctor on Demand

Let your patients get medical care whenever they need it. Telehealth applications provide your patients with the ability to get first aid in critical situations or during natural disasters, as well as to plan an appointment to get a consultation on important questions.

Appointment Management

Patient monitoring is one of the key tasks in healthcare organizations. Manual scheduling and workflow management is a time-consuming process that sometimes can lead to errors as it deals with huge amounts of data. Telehealth solutions offer comprehensive tools that help organize the scheduling processes.

Need a Custom Telemedicine Software Development?

Solution for Patients

We are ready to assist you in creating custom solutions adjusted to your patients’ needs to provide them with mobile tools for multi-purpose healthcare delivery. Making appointments, keeping track of clinical trial and survey results, and getting consultations have never been as easy as with telemedicine solutions.

Solution for Doctors

Artezio offers its expertise to provide you with a comprehensive solution for doctors and clinics that will help optimize the main processes handled in your organization: from patient record management to scheduling and workflow management. We help clinics and doctors to increase outreach and improve care.

Telemedicine Software Development Company

Artezio is a telemedicine software development company that provides expert-level Telemedicine and Telehealth development services in building telehealth apps and services. At Artezio, we use industry-proven and cutting-edge technologies and tools to provide you with exclusive solutions aiming to enhance the level of healthcare service provided. Whether you are only thinking of introducing a Telehealth solution or have already got ideas on its functionality, we are ready to advise you on telemedicine solution efficiency and reasonability. Here are several benefits that you will get with a mHealth solution:
  • Optimized processes of workflow management within your organization;
  • Increased satisfaction of your employees thanks to mobility and modern tools used at their workplaces;
  • Access to qualified industry specialists around the globe as they can work wherever they are;
  • Saved time and material resources;
  • Enhanced level of personal data security and privacy;
  • Faster decision making and a higher level of care delivery for the inhabitants of remote towns and cities and physically disabled people;
  • Increased loyalty of patients and revenue.
Let us help you go digital and provide your patients with a seamless healthcare experience. Artezio will guide you on each step of software development and support you from designing a project to its release and further maintenance. We offer scalable solutions for their further enhancement to help you follow all modern directions in the healthcare industry and stay among leaders of care delivery providers.

Mobile Apps For Telemedicine & Telehealth

With the help of mobile telemedicine applications, doctors are able to deliver faster on-demand medical care to patients wherever they are located through real-time examining and making electronic prescriptions.

With EHR integration, doctors can get instant access to the medical history of a patient, clinical trials, and diagnostics results which result in faster decision making and timely medical care delivery.

Thanks to video chatting patients can show their symptoms to doctors which results in an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Synchronous telehealth systems with screen sharing and recording functions provide real-time medical care delivery to patients and supply doctors with cutting-edge tools that help them make timely crucial decisions.

MHealth applications give your patients the ability to get first aid whenever they need it. What is more important, thanks to video chatting and live conferences, patients still can get face-to-face communication with a specialist, making accurate diagnoses and providing timely treatment.

With the help of IoT technology, doctors can get instant access to clinical trials and diagnostics results. These solutions help collect patient data from various medical devices and keep them in one place so that doctors can provide appropriate treatment based on the information stored in a unified EMR system.

Integrated billing services enable you to bill remote patients and keep track of payments and cheques. Get an all-in-one solution that will help you manage important processes handled in your organization.

Telehealth & Healthcare Projects We Have Developed

Modular Clinical Trial Management

Virtual Clinic Telehealth System

EHR For a Large City

AI Feed with Content for Doctors







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Software Development for Telehealth Industry

Telemedicine App Development

At Artezio, we provide full-scale telemedicine app development solutions to simplify the treatment process and improve healthcare services provision for both patients and doctors. With the help of our telehealth app development company, medical organizations will have the most holistic and advanced technical means at their disposal letting healthcare providers create new powerful channels for treatment service delivered directly to the end-user.

We develop solutions aimed at reducing the readmission rate as well as ensuring a safe and sober healing environment in the face of pandemic limitations. The development process is clear and transparent. It involves proper project planning, engineering, testing, quality assurance, UI/UX design, project management, frontend/backend development, etc.

Telehealth App Development

With our telehealth app development company, you will put decades of combined experience in the field of software distribution on your side. Our experts establish a clear plan following an advanced technical approach with all crucial development phases described in detail depending on the telemedicine app’s specific characteristics and initial requirements.

Our mission is to keep all stakeholders engaged throughout the entire process to make sure we will be able to deliver maximum value to the target process with all team members aligned, which makes the development process 2x faster. From the MVP version development to the official release, our telehealth software development company provides maintenance and support on every stage of the Software Development Lifecycle.

Custom Telemedicine Solutions

Artezio specialists provide multidisciplinary telehealth app development services focused on not only the process of software development but also consulting, maintenance, and support. With each telemedicine app development solution, our customers can benefit from advanced and smoothly running feature set, cross-platform integration capabilities, up-to-date UX/UI design, through testing and QA performance, development process alignment across each team member, integrations with third-party platforms and software, if needed.

If required, our specialists are ready to deal with application release as well as evolution, scaling, and ongoing support. With the Artezio team, it will be easy for customers to access high-profile IT healthcare expertise offering the most holistic remote treatment services to different patient groups.

Telemedicine Software and App Development

We integrate remote patient monitoring system that constantly monitors patient’s physiological parameters an health via wearable devices

We develop HIPAA-compliant telemedicine mobile applications for Android and iOS devices with features, including real-time video/audio consultation, screen sharing and more.

Ensure peer-to-peer communication through video & text chats, voice and text recognition systems to improve the quality of data processing.

Collect patient data through integration with a variety of medical devices, wearables, HIS and other hospitals’ solutions by using common industry standards such as DICOM and HL7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software is used for telemedicine?
That depends on the type of service you’re looking to provide. To hold a simple video conference, a video conferencing platform like Zoom might be a good place to start. Of course, it’s best to specify particular details your service needs to provide quality service and develop a specialized telemedicine SaaS instrument that both your doctors and patients will enjoy using.
How much does it cost to develop a telemedicine app?
A simple mock-up prototype can cost as little as a few thousand dollars. A proper, functional minimum viable product is likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that highly depends on the functionality required to properly test the market fit. A complete enterprise solution, decked out with all the necessary features and work required to provide a complete solution to the market is likely to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
What is a telehealth app?
A telehealth app is a mobile or web app with certain functionality that can be used to connect doctors with patients remotely. It can vary in terms of functionality, availability (certain apps can only be available in the clinic/healthcare provider’s country).
Is telehealth an information technology?
Since telehealth relies on a web app or a mobile app in order to provide service to patients, it is, by all means, an information technology. So long as the app is made with all the proper healthcare regulations in mind, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to patient data privacy.
What technology is needed for telehealth?
As with any web or mobile-based app, there are a lot of options when it comes to telehealth app development. The main requirements are a proper database system, video/messaging communication framework, and strong data encryption protocols capable of ensuring bulletproof data privacy. The choice of tech stack will depend on the target platform (web, particular mobile OS, or both - that is also possible to do in one package with the help of cross-platform development).
How much does telemedicine startup cost?
The startup cost depends on the timeframe you have in mind and the app complexity. It can range from thousands of dollars for a prototype just to learn what it could look like and up to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars if you’re looking to develop a tremendous enterprise solution that will cover every and all functions of your healthcare company/clinic.
What features I can add to the telemedicine app?
Any and all. So long as the patient can communicate with the doctor and the doctor is capable of entering data and providing service, the functionality can be built to support it. Messaging, video conferencing, prescription listing, transferring data between other healthcare systems, and much more. All you need to know is the range of features needed to offer a good service to the patient.
What technologies are most used in telemedicine apps?
Video conferencing, secure messaging, remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things integration (such as wearables, for instance), prescription services, media transfer, and some others.
How do you develop telemedicine?
First and foremost, the solution must be compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other healthcare regulations to make sure it’s viable on the market. It can be built with pre-made components or developed from scratch. Usually, mobile or web app consists of several key components: user management, audio/video conferencing, messaging, appointments, systems required for doctors to provide service (labs, diagnostics, prescriptions, stats, etc), and others.
How does telemedicine software work?
Telemedicine solutions are either web or mobile app-based. The functionality of the app depends on the components required for it to operate effectively: video conferencing, messaging, appointment systems, etc.
Is telemedicine expensive?
The cost of service provided through a telemedicine app is usually lower as opposed to personal visits to the clinic or healthcare institution, as the remote communication format removes travel, waiting room charges, and other time-consuming activities.
What app do I need for Telemedicine?
Granted that there are many telemedicine services (including highly-specialized clinics), this question really depends on what kind of service you want to provide via telemedicine. The range of services can start from basic video conferencing and up to complex telemedicine suites capable of providing a whole variety of services to the patient.
How to Build a telemedicine platform?
First, you must outline the requirements of the service you wish to provide. What kind of service is that, what will your customer get, how will it be better as opposed to traditional service? After you have the requirements, you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to develop the solution in-house or outsource to professional development studios. It’s best to rely on professional help if you’re unsure how to approach this.
What is telemedicine platform cost?
The cost is likely to be within hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the cost can be driven down if you have a specialized service that doesn’t seek to cover every and all faucet of the service you aim to provide. Some telemedicine solutions cannot properly integrate with other systems - such as EMR - and that is a potential drawback that can be prevented with proper planning.
Which platform is best for my telemedicine app: desktop, mobile, web?
Patients usually rely on mobile apps to receive care, while doctors perform their services through desktop web solutions. There’s absolutely no reason why these two platforms cannot communicate together, and it’s possible to build a single app capable of connecting the two together - via cross-platform development. If you’re unsure, do get in touch with us, and our specialists will help you clarify the details.







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