Custom Medical Software Development

Artezio is a US medical software development company that has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare. We are ready to share our expertise and knowledge gained throughout years of cooperation with medical organizations to assist you in developing cutting-edge solutions addressing industry needs and requirements.

Custom Medical Software Development Company

A leading medical software development company, Artezio helps build custom medical software solutions to help health doctors, hospitals, and clinics. We offer a complete range of product engineering services including custom medical software development from scratch.

Artezio provides medical software development services to help you go digital and get better results by optimizing medical workflows, introducing data analysis and providing your patients with real-time on-demand medical care delivery.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We put your requirements first and deliver solutions tailored to your specific business needs and goals to help you provide your patients with an enhanced level of healthcare service.

On your way to digitalization, our team will follow you from initializing and designing of the project to its deploying. Optimize workflows within your organization and enhance diagnostics and clinical trials by connecting medical devices.

Implement innovative approaches to data analysis and medical research in your working process to enhance decision making strategy using data visualization and modeling. With AI technology, you are able to predict treatment results and how it can possibly affect a patient.

Medical Solutions And Technologies We Offer

Telehealth Software Development

We create telehealth apps for video-conferencing medical consultations, sharing clinical and administrative data.

Healthcare EMR Solutions

We provide professional EMR solutions development services to help doctors with secure health data management.

Healthcare Solutions Development

We create software for the health industry that improves health outcomes, educates patients, and automates workflows.

Medical EHR Solutions

We develop interoperable EHR software to manage operational tasks, electronic documents, patients health records.

HIPAA Compliant Software Development

Medication Management Systems

Simplify your medication management process from monitoring medication availability to its delivery and documentation management with comprehensive custom solutions.

Mobile Medical Applications

Provide patients with the ability to get real-time medical care whenever they need it. It can also help increase patients’ awareness since they can track their annual check-ups and clinical trials and diagnostics schedule using their mobile devices.

Healthcare & Medical IT Consulting

If you are only at the beginning of digitalizing medical care delivery, Artezio team is ready to provide our expert advice on the approaches and technologies that might be helpful for you.

Health Software Consulting

Having worked with leading medical clinics, hospitals. doctors and pharmaceutical companies, we have managed to analyze existing tendencies and are ready to share this knowledge to develop software tailored to your patients’ needs and concerns.


Applications For Medical Staff

Medical software provides efficient tools for workflow and patient record management as well as enhances the overall level of healthcare service by timely decision making and data-based treatment. Besides, this results in higher satisfaction of employees thanks to modern approaches to the working process and robust solutions used at their workplaces.

Medical Practice Management

With the help of EHR, EMR, PHM systems, lab and asset management solutions, clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations are able to establish efficient processes of interacting with patients as well as provide them with an exclusive level of personalized care delivery all while keeping their sensitive data safe and secure.

Experienced Medical Software Development Company

Artezio is a value-driven Healthcare Software Development Company. Within 20 years of Artezio operation, we managed to help a range of medical organizations join digital healthcare. With the help of industry-proven technologies and approaches, the clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies managed to automate critical tasks and improve the level of medical service provided to their patients. Optimization of workflow helped them focus on health research and introduced innovative ways of rare disease treatment and new medicine creation. Artezio is ready to offer its expertise and skills to develop patient-focused solutions that will help:
  • Optimize workflows by faster decision making and efficient scheduling;
  • Lower operational costs thanks to a smart approach to organizing your working process;
  • Increase loyalty of your patients by improving healthcare service as well as supplying patients with tools for instant access to vital information;
  • Ensure personal data security and privacy thanks to compliance with world-proven standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and others;
  • Make data-based decisions with the help of enhanced approaches to collecting and analyzing data.
Let us become your partner in dealing with your industry challenges and implementing smart solutions to show that you really care about your patients and put their interests first.

Our Work in Custom Medical Software Development

AI Feed with Content for Doctors

Virtual Clinic Telehealth System

Modular Clinical Trial Management

EHR For a Large City







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Custom Medical Software Solutions

Medical Dictation Software

We create Medicine Dictation Software with features like templated documents, accurate speech recognition, and existing EHR integrations.

Custom Scheduling Software

Scheduling solution for hospitals, clinics and medical practices to coordinate patient bookings, staff, and treatment rooms.

Medical Lab Management

Custom software that helps laboratories, core facilities, biotechs provide services to clients and track results.

Medical Practice Management

Software that manages the day-to-day operations of a clinic, such as an appointment scheduling, billing, and other administrative tasks.

Custom CRM For Hospitals

Software solution, designed for the healthcare industry that brings your team, projects, sales, and reports together

Medical Practice Software

Custom software that helps physicians and their staff record patient demographics, manage charge capture, e.t.c.

Get Experienced Medical Software Developers

Artezio is deeply invested in software development in the medical field for 20+ years by now. Our solutions help doctors, medical institutions, clinics, and hospitals deliver a higher quality patient care and provide a broader range of services. We have helped a considerable number of institutions, healthcare startups, and pharmaceutical companies push out new services and products to the market, something that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. What you can expect from Artezio is a full range of engineering services - from product analysis and conceptualization and up to continuous support on a long-term basis. With our decades of experience in developing medical software in the healthcare domain, all of our solutions are fully compliant with FHIR, HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, and other healthcare standards required to ensure the solid protection of patient data. It’s not only software development from scratch that will come in handy, but also integrations with ERP, EHR/EMR, CRMs, databases, payment gateways, and many other support systems a healthcare company might need in order to move forward more efficiently.

Professional Medical Device Software Development

The Healthcare domain is driven by a great number of digital and hardware innovations, each year becoming more advanced and yielding great benefits to patients all over the globe. With the advent of COVID-19, telemedicine and m-health have been taking root in our daily lives at an even more rapid pace. Artezio is a medical device software development company, and we have decades of experience developing healthcare solutions and helping telemedicine startups reach the market. Now that so many people have either a smartphone or a smartwatch, the possibilities for m-health apps and services are near endless. We have considerable experience in software design for medical devices and a number of m-health and telemedicine apps developed from scratch, fully compliant with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA, HL7, and others. We can help with medical device software design of any scale and complexity, putting out a project exactly to specification. Give your healthcare company, hospital, or startup a chance to reach a wider audience with the help of m-health solutions.

Medical Application Development

Artezio is a medical application development company that has been in the market for 20+ years. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, especially when it comes to healthcare and medical app development. COVID-19 has pushed forward m-health and telemedicine domain forward a great deal, and it’s now important for many clinics, hospitals, MedTech startups, and other companies to help their customers with innovative handheld devices, wearables, fitness trackers, and apps. Even when it comes to personal health, millions of users globally already use wearables that can be utilized for your healthcare business. At Artezio, we have substantial experience in developing telemedicine apps compliant with global healthcare regulations, m-health solutions, fitness trackers, decision support tools, EMR systems, CTMS, and even bioinformatics solutions. Getting Artezio to help with your project will be a tremendous boost in project delivery, revenue, and system optimization. We are always ready to help you gauge the project and help deliver the best result possible and exactly up to specification.

Our Medical Software Development Services

Software For Medical Devices

Connect your medical devices to ensure continuous data collecting and analyzing to help doctors make information-based decisions and deliver personalized medical care.

Medical Mobile App Development

Let your patients make online appointments, get notifications about coming appointments and medicine prescriptions as well as get a live way of interacting with a doctor.

Custom Medical App Development

Whether you need a health tracking application, information portal, or patient management solution, we will design a custom software solution adjusted to your specific industry requirements.







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